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FABRICATING PUBLICS: the dissemination of culture in the post-truth era

Edited by Bill Balaskas and Carolina Rito
Upcoming volume in the series, to be published in 2020 by Open Humanities Press


The book explores how cultural producers and institutions perceive their role in the post-truth era, by repositioning their work in relation to the notion of the "public". The book addresses the multiple challenges posed for artists, curators and cultural activists by the conditions of post-factuality: Do cultural institutions have the practical means and the ethical authority to fight against the proliferation of "alternative facts" in politics, as well as within all aspects of our lives? What narratives of dissent are cultural workers developing, and how do they choose to communicate them? Could new media technologies still be considered as instruments of democratizing culture, or have they been irrevocably associated with 'empty' populism? Do "counter-publics" exist and, if yes, how are they formed? In the end, is "truth" a notion that could be reclaimed through contemporary culture?